If you are reading this text, it means that you are a tour organizer, a tour leader or simply a tour guide. Your work is your passion, you like it and you want to give it your best.

Sometimes it is not so easy, when you have a hoarse voice at the end of the week’s work, so you speak softer, but then the 50 person group tightens a ring around you and there is no air. So you buy a voice amplifier – a megaphone, but how can you visit the Basilica shouting through a megaphone? Anyways, for the Coliseum you still need to rent that fine equipment… wait a minute… what’s it called?

Of course, we are talking about a radio guide, also referred to as a tour guide system – equipment that is increasingly purchased not only by corporations and travel agencies, but by individual tourist guides who realize that such a valuable asset as their voice should be saved. But this is not the only reason for which an investment in a tour guide system is a great choice. There are many more reasons – you’ll learn about them in the Tour guide – tutorial section “Reasons why guides and travel agencies buy tour guide systems”.

For many years we have been dealing with voice transmission radio systems, including tour guide systems. We have helped create from scratch tour guide systems specially adapted to the needs of tourist guides. Therefore, we recommend to you and other professionals from the tourism industry an excellent tour guide system – WT-300 – a good long-term investment. A system which for certain you’ll be satisfied.

This model is chosen by companies such as Baltic Gateway – a travel office owned by the international group Baltic Gateway, which organizes stays in Poland and other countries for customers of the largest luxury cruise ships. That’s not the only place our systems work. Follow this link to see an abbreviated list of companies and institutions (including travel agents), which use tour guide equipment on a daily basis.

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