Tourguide systems’ hygiene

2 lipca 2018
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2 lipca 2018 Magdalena

Tourguide systems’ hygiene

Good tour guides not only care about substantive content which they want to convey to their clients but they also care about their clients’ comfort during a tour. The greatest assistance in achieving that goal comes of course from tourguide systems, which are used by more and more tour guides. For this reason receivers and earphones are passed around to many people. They are contaminated not only by bacteria that constitute a part of skin microflora, but also pathogenic viruses, fungi, and parasites. Your clients are exposed to all of the above contaminants when using equipment after some other group. Look after your clients and suggest taking preventive measures!

Why is it worth to care about tour guide systems’ hygiene?
Reusable earphones should be cleaned for health and technical reasons. During the usage the earphones are becoming a hotbed for millions of bacteria and dead skin cells. Accumulation of pathogenic bacteria can lead to diseases of skin and hearing organs. As to technical aspect, one must remember that contamination can cause sound distortion and in extreme cases even its complete muting!

How to take care of tour guide systems’ hygiene?
Since 2018 our offer includes a wide choice of hygienic accessories. They are packaged in small bags or packets. Simply hand them out before the tour or in a bus. It not only saves tour guide’s time, but due to unassisted disinfection your client will also have guarantee of hygiene and cleanliness of the received equipment.

What hygiene accessories can be found in our offer?
1. Disposable disinfecting wipes for earphones and tour guide receivers
2. Disposable foam ear cushions
3. Disposable in-ear cushions for earbuds
4. Disposable earphones (SJ-1, SJ-2, SJ-3)

For more detailed information please visit our subpage dedicated to tour guide systems’ hygiene.

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