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Audio Guide Gdansk – City Audio Guide not only for tourists

Even the native inhabitants do not know some of the historical curiosities about Gdańsk. Getting to know historical curiosities about Gdańsk does not have to involve reading vast volumes written by historians. Thanks to an audioguide that can be borrowed from tourist information, Gdańsk can be explored with humour, and young people will surely remember more than even after many lessons in the classroom.

We will find out, among other things how much a dinner in the tavern in Gdansk cost, or riches were gathered by the wealthiest merchants from Gdansk. The Gdansk Audio Guide is not only an attraction for tourists. In a city so often visited by foreigners, this is an obvious convenience, but it is also offered in Polish, which is used by some ambitious teachers. With the device, everyone receives a dedicated map of Gdansk, which will lead us to places where you can listen to special broadcasts about the history of Gdansk.

Curiosities that the inhabitants do not know

Until a few years ago, those who had time to sit in libraries and study the opaque historical volumes, knew those city curiosities. But this is the past. The electronic guide, which can be listened to, is a great idea for lessons outside of school. It includes humorous elements that also refer to city games, which are so popular among young people. Experts on the history of Gdansk took care of the content of the program, but there will be no room for boredom.

– To show around Gdansk, we “hired” the best guides and frankly speaking – a bit like … celebrities. King of the Seas Neptun will tell us all about Gdansk, Jan Heweliusz (by the way known not only thanks to astronomy) will tell us about the Old Town, Jan Uphagen will show us the Długa Street, Gabriel Fahrenheit will show us Długi Targ, and Emperor Napoleon – the forts! However, the history will be also presented by some more anonymous figures – witnesses of past times, not necessarily the oldest ones, because we also have programs devoted to strikes in the times of the Peoples’ Republic of Poland, Solidarity and Gdańsk Shipyard or defenders of the Polish Post – reveal the creators of audioguaidegdansk.pl.

Thanks to this, during the broadcast we will not have to listen to a list of dates of historical events, but we will find out above all what everyday life in the city looked like: how much did the dinner in a tavern in Gdansk cost? What riches were collected by the wealthiest merchants from Gdansk.

Lesson of history or a foreign language

Audio Guide Gdańsk Auditions are available in four languages. Apart from Polish, they are also available in English, German and Russian. A historical walk can therefore be combined with learning a foreign language. Especially that the texts are read by editors and played by actors for whom it is always the mother tongue.

The highest level of the guide is confirmed by prizes and awards. Among others: the Special Prize of the International Gdańsk Fair and a very flattering review of Professor Jerzy Samp.

Group discounts for schools

The price of a single ticket (for groups of over 10 people) is PLN 10. Teachers also receive scripts of all programs in the chosen language, as well as a set of questions for the competition or a repetition of the material from the lesson. In addition, every student and teacher gets a special map of the Audio Guide Gdansk and a unique souvenir from Gdansk.

Buying tickets and booking a day of walking can be done via the Audio Guide website, and audio guides are picked up at Długi Targ 28/29 at the Gdańsk Tourist Information Center from 9 am. The Gdańsk Tourist Organization is the partner of the project.

Please note – in 2018 the Audio Guide Gdansk application for Android will be available!

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