Valid from November 25th, 2019 until December 20th, 2019

1. The present Special Offer is organised by the company Mexpo Przemysław Diering with seat in Gdynia, Poland, address Kazimierza Pułaskiego 8, NIP (tax identification) no. 584-107-63-75.

2. The Customer gains the right to make use of the Special offer, meaning, to receive a rebate coupon for their next purchase, if they fulfil all the conditions below:
a. The Customer needs to place and pay for an order between November 25th and December 20th, whereby in order for the rebate coupon for the next order to become valid, the payment receipt date (based on the pro-forma invoice) for the current order may not be later than December 20th, 2019;
b. The order must cover the models: Okayo WT-300, WT-350, mGuide Pellegrino or Pellegrino 2;
c. The minimum total amount is net EUR 1 250;
d. The next order covered by the rebate coupon must cover single-use earphones (1000 pcs.) and/ or at least 100 pcs. of SH-2 reusable earphones. Beside the indicated accessories, the order covered by the rebate coupon may include other accessories as well as transmitters and receivers.

3. The value of the rebate coupon to be used for further purchases depends on the value of the order placed and paid for until December 20th.
a. For a net purchase value of EUR 1250-1750 – rebate coupon of EUR 125
b. For a net purchase value of EUR 1751-2375 – rebate coupon of EUR 150
c. For a net purchase value of EUR 2376 or more – a rebate coupon of EUR 187.50

4. The coupon rebate is not compounded with other rebates.

5. A condition to use the Special Offer, e. g. claim the coupon, is making the transfer payment not later than until 23:59 of December 20th, and sending a confirmation of the transfer by e-mail.

6. A pro-forma invoice shall be issued for the transfer covering the order eligible for the Special Offer, which shall be valid ONLY until the end of the Christmas offer, e. g. December 20th, 2019.

7. The rebate coupon shall be sent in digital form (e-mail). In order to use the coupon for the next purchase – it has to be presented to MEXPO (returned by electronic mail) before a pro-forma invoice is issued for the next order.

8. The rebate coupon:
a. cannot be exchanged for money,
b. is a single-use item,
c. MEXPO does not refund the value of the difference between the value of the coupon and the value of the order when the coupon is used. The value indicated on the coupon is a single rebate applied to the order.

9. The rebate coupon is valid until June 30th, 2020.

10. The organiser of the Special Offer shall process the personal data of the participants of the Special Offer exclusively for the purpose of this Special Offer and for any complaint proceedings.

11. All complaints concerning the Special Offer must be made exclusively by e-mail to the address In order to improve complaint processing times, please provide a description of the substantiation of the complaint. Complaints will be processed within 14 days from the date of their receipt by the organisers of the Special Offer.

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