Nowadays it’s easier to forget about your wallet than your smartphone, especially when increasingly often we keep our wallets… in our phones! We are using apps for almost everything, why not using them for sightseeing?
Audioguide app, a product you can download from Google Play or iTunes Store, is a great alternative when:

  • You need a modern, multimedia solution to communicate information concerning an exposition, a place or a city
  • You are not sure whether traditional audioguide systems will successfully supply the demand – in other words, you worry that you have not enough devices or for some reason you cannot or will not have them
  • You know that the demand for sightseeing with your audioguide can be practically unlimited – for example, while guiding your customers around the city or some region, any number of audioguide devices can turn out to be insufficient
  • You worry about the safety of your equipment
  • You worry that returning your audio guides to the same place will be an extra burden for a tourist
  • You need a map and GPS navigation assistance as the tour covers a large area (a city or some region)

Thanks to universal access to the Internet, mobile applications measure up to websites as being an equally popular and effective marketing tool!

Elements of game competition, contests or news modules in applications are a great way to reach out to your clients and encourage them to start interacting with your company. In addition, any user can easily promote your project through social media.

Application means immediate benefit from all advantages which are or will be offered by mobile devices, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, e-payments and e-tickets, games, derivatives of gyroscope functions, and many more.

You can find Audio Guide Gdańsk application via this link (Android) – project carried out and further executed by our company.

Tell us about your project – the offer you are planning to propose to your target group – and we will gladly help you to achieve it by using modern technology.

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