If you are after secure, reliable, hands-free full duplex wireless communication, then Okayo FreeCom is the perfect choice. Lightweight and compact wireless transceivers allow up to six users to speak simultaneously with an unlimited number of listening users in a group, and crystal clear sound. FreeCom is a digital bi-directional system with a wide range of applications that is based on four main assumptions:

Flexibility – each intercom can be set as Master, Sub-Master or group listen only (Listen).
Control – priority of the Master unit over the others for calling order in the team.
Safety – team communication channel encryption. In the case of private broadcasts, the closed group can be encrypted to prevent unauthorized persons from eavesdropping on your conversations.
Wireless – without a base station, the system can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Okayo FreeCom allows to run a number of independent groups in parallel without any interference, and its universal design enables the configuration of any FreeCom as a Master, Sub-Master lub Listen. There is no distinction between transmitters and receivers.

FreeCom can also be used as a tour guide system with a Master unit and a group of recipients in a Listen configuration.

There is a wide range of headsets available for FreeCom headsets to suit any environment, from a city trip to a factory tour.

Features of Okayo FreeCom:
– 4GFSK digital transmission modulation with noise reduction technology
– One-way or two-way full duplex communication
– Choice of channel encryption for private and secure conversations
– Each device can be configured as Master, Sub-Master or Listen
– Wireless device synchronization
– 7 channels for the 863 ~ 865 MHz frequency band
– No restrictions on group size
– Backlit OLED display with high contrast
– Completely wireless system without base station and installation
– Range over 100 meters in the line of sight
– All-day work on one set of batteries
– Three functions of the talk button – PTB, PTT, PTM
– Adjustable microphone sensitivity and RF power
– Hearing aid compatible headphone jack (HAC)
– Additional Aux-in socket on the device
– A wide range of accessories

– guided tours / communication in a noisy environment (industry)
– communication in small teams, e.g., audio production
– hotels, restaurants, ships, museums, tourist attractions
– sports, sports training, refereeing, sports events
– two-way tour guide system

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