The Linkx TG-101 (Digital UHF Tour Guide System – Two Way) provides reliable two-way transmission in digital frequency. When the transmitter is set to two-way communication, the rest of the receivers are then able to join a group conversation. Only one receiver at a time is able to speak to the group leader (by pressing and holding the ‘Push Talk’ button) which can be heard on the other receivers. Once the button has been released the next participant can join in the conversation. In this way the Linkx TG- 101 functions as a semi-duplex system.

The TG-101 has an LCD display showing the most important information about the device’s current status such as the channel number, volume or battery level. The ease of use, light weight (34g) and modern appearance make it even more attractive.

Features of the Linkx TG-101:

  • 16 channel two-way communication system
  • Battery run time up to 15 hours of uninterrupted use
  • 90 metres in line of sight
  • Easy and crystal clear communication
  • Ultra light (34g)
  • Eco and Energy saving function (device switches off automatically after20 min with no transmission)
  • Intuitive to use
  • Possible to charge via Micro-USB (charge time up to 6h)

Uses for the Linkx TG-101:

  • For guides and tour leaders
  • For museums and other tourist attractions
  • For leading a delegation around a production plant (also in a noisy environment)
  • For translators and also for training and other events requiring communication between people where external factors do not allow free conversation (mobile system)

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