Linkx TG-288 – the one-way digital tour guide system. Its designers focused on a modern look, big LCD display and intuitive interface.

Bigger than ever, the LCD display shows the battery charge level, number of currently used channel, receiver’s range and sound volume.

Both the transmitter and receiver tour guide are equipped with a popular 3.5 mm headphone jack. The receiver also has an AUX output that allows to plug in e.g. a speaker, and the transmitter – has an AUX input enabling to plug in an additional audio source e.g. an MP3 recording.

The TG-288 transmitter and receiver can be powered by one disposable AA battery or one rechargeable battery.

Other technical parameters:

  • Operating time of receiver – usually up to 12h
  • Operating time of transmitter – usually up to 11h
  • Dimensions 40x84x24 mm
  • Range: 100 – 150 m in line of sight
  • Weight 38.6 g (without battery)

Application of Linkx TG-288 tour guide system:

  • For tour guides and tour managers
  • For museums
  • For interpreters
  • For trainings, conferences and other events with conditions hindering free communication
  • For industries and environments with an elevated noise levels

Linkx TG-288 accessories:

  • Mobile charger TCA-12 – for 12 devices
  • Mobile charger TCA-35K – for 35 devices
  • Reusable earphone EM-101

Systems for interpreters

Systems for people working in a noisy environment

Other tourguide models:

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  • Volkswagen
  • Secession
  • Steyr
  • Pro Italy
  • Velux
  • Ramboll
  • Arcelor Mital

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