Linkx TG-288D – a two-way digital tour guide system, with an elegant and modern look.

TG-288D is a tour guide system that operates in full-duplex meaning an effortless and unlimited conversation between the transmitter and the receiver!

The device equipped with a big LCD display showing the battery charge level, number of the current channel, sound volume, and receiver’s range.

The TG-288D receiver has a 3.5 mm jack input and AUX output that allows to plug in e.g. a speaker. The AUX input of the TG-288D transmitter allows to plug in an additional audio source e.g. an MP3.

The Linkx TG-288D system can be powered by either disposable or rechargeable AA batteries . The micro USB input makes it possible to charge your devices individually with a phone charger or collectively in a charging case for 12 or 35 devices.

Due to Eco and Energy Saving functions, TG-288D will turn off after 20 minutes of no transmission.

The TG-288D model is compatible with TG-201.

Other technical parameters:

  • Operating time of receiver – usually up to 12h
  • Operating time of transmitter – usually up to 11h
  • Dimensions 40x84x24 mm
  • Range: 100 – 150 m in line of sight
  • Weight 38.6 g (without battery)

Application of Linkx TG-288D tour guide system:

  • For industries and environments with an elevated noise levels
  • For trainings, conferences and other events with conditions hindering free communication
  • For tour guides and tour managers
  • For museums
  • For interpreters

Linkx TG-288D accessories:

  • Mobile charger TCA-12 – for 12 devices
  • Mobile charger TCA-35 – for 35 devices
  • Reusable earphone EM-101
  • HMR-15 headset
  • LMR-12 headset

Systems for interpreters

Systems for people working in a noisy environment

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  • Steyr
  • Pro Italy
  • Velux
  • Ramboll
  • Arcelor Mital

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