Maytel Grand Multicom 2.4G is a digital, wireless two-way communication system manufactured to the IP67 standard intended for the industry, uniformed services, training and sports events. It is an unrivaled best-in-class system characterized by a handy size, robust housing, simple operation and a long range.

Features of Grand Multicom 2.4G:
– Full duplex 2-way communication, up to 10 people on one channel (9 + 1 PTT) and unlimited number of recipients.
– 40 channels on the global license-free 2.4GHz band – use the device from anywhere.
– Up to 500 meters of line-of-sight transmission and the possibility of increasing the range thanks to more efficient dipole antennas.
– Grand Multicom offers an additional extension of the transmission range using special signal repeaters.
– Setting access special a special channel-specific PIN code.
– Included with the GM 2.4G device is the HSB-01G headset, Micro USB cable and a portable case.

– tours / communication in a noisy environment (industry)
– security and protection of events, gatherings, pilgrimages, concerts
– coordination of uniformed services / rescue teams
– operation of hotels, restaurants, ships, museums, tourist attractions
– sports, sports training, refereeing and much more

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