The mGuide FDLR is part of an increasingly popular category of 2-way tourguide models allowing full-duplex communication. It has some features which make it the most advanced model of this type in our offer.

The FDLR will be useful anywhere that you need high quality audio and free conversation in a larger group. For example, training or communication between experts on a noisy production line.

Notably, this mGuide product allows a practically unlimited number of people in a group to simultaneously transmit and receive (using full duplex). Although in theory it is limited to 5 people (more than 5 only listening), using the flexible FIFO (first-in-first-out) protocol means that the first person to have pressed the conference button (full duplex) will automatically be switched to listening mode when the sixth person presses their conference button.

However, if this solution is not sufficient – an additional special device known as a repeater means that it is possible to increase the number of people with simultaneous access to full conference up to 8 or even up to 16 people.

The range has also sometimes been a problem in existing full-duplex models. The mGuide FDLR however is the best yet – up to 300 metres in the line of sight with the possibility to extend up to around 600 metres!

A full-duplex tourguide system with these features has a wide range of uses:
– guiding and training in noisy environments (industry)
– security and protection for events, gatherings, pilgrimages, concerts
– service in hotels, restaurants, ships, museums, tourist attractions
– coordination of rescue teams
– sport, sports training, refereeing and many others


In a standard package, in addition to the FDLR radio, we provide a light headset, a lanyard, a pouch with fastener, a USB cable and a case.

As well as a charger, additional accessories also include excellent quality headsets with throat microphones. These are very useful in noisy environments.

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