Do you really have to spend a fortune on good, branded tour guide system and does a cheap tour guide really have to originate in China or be of poor quality? Not anymore, because of new mGuide Pellegrino.

If you are looking for a good tour guide system from a proven producer but such an investment overruns your budget – you have come to the right place.

Best price!

mGuide Pellegrino combines minimalism and saving with solid essentials – as to tour guide systems for the tourism industry, it is primarily focused on energy efficiency (long operating time on one battery), good range, and excellent sound quality – and all that with the price under EUR 25.00.


Convenient bag with 50 receivers of Pellegrino tour guide system weighs as much as a laptop bag thanks to small dimensions of the receiver (2x6x9 cm) and powering by one AA battery.

Ecological and economical!

Meanwhile, this one battery lasts for at least 18 hours of continuous operation. Naturally, to save the energy even more, and consequently respect the environment and reduce expenses on batteries, the Pellegrino receiver will automatically turn off after 20 minutes of no transmission.

Loud and clear!

The UHF transmission applied in Pellegrino provides almost identical sound quality as with directly heard voice.


Operation of the receiver has been maximally simplified and adapted to fit all age groups.


We recommend using the mGuide Pellegrino receivers with:

  • SJ-1 disposable earphones
  • SJ-2 anatomical disposable earphones
  • EM-100 reusable earphone with replaceable disposable in-ear cushions
  • SH-1, EM-101 or EM-305 reusable earphones with disposable disinfecting wipes included.

We recommend using alkaline AA batteries only from well-known producers. The batteries you can buy from us include, among others, Varta, Fujitsu or Everactive batteries.

The Pellegrino transmitter is compatible with all microphones cooperating with Okayo models.

Trustworthy brand

Equipment sold under mGuide brand is produced solely in the best factories, cooperating with our company for many years. All consecutive models are drawn on our experience and adapted to our client’s needs.

Quality guarantee

mGuide Pellegrino is covered by a 2-year guarantee.

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