As an extended and improved version of the AT-100, the AT-200 has all the same functions while also offering the options of automatic or semi-automatic playing of recordings. But that is not all that is new… The AT-200 is equipped with an OLED screen for displaying photos and information relating to the exhibition. Information can be viewed by pressing the special “i” button on the backlit keypad. The backlit keypad means the equipment can be easily used even in dark rooms. The AT-200, depending on the equipment selected, has several automatic or semi-automatic options for playing recordings:

  • Automatic playing of recordings using radio starters,
  • Automatic playing of recordings in a specific location using a built-in GPS receiver,
  • Semi-automatic playing of recordings using infra-red starters,
  • Semi-automatic playing of recordings using RFID starters (short range radio waves – up to 20cm).

Another new function of the AT-200 is the option to trigger an alarm in case of someone leaving a specified area with the device to remind them to return it. The sets come with a charger for 10 devices (ATC-210) or 20 devices (ATC-220). For the transfer and management of content (recordings) we have a 21-slot device (ATC-210U) for transfer, as well as special software called Audio Master.

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