The AT-300 has most of the functions of the AT-200 model as well as a second version available with a keypad. It also features a smaller 1.3 inch monochrome OLED display.

The AT-300 is available in 2 versions, with a full numeric keypad and a forward-back keypad for use with typical linear tours of exhibitions (AT-300L).

This model also has an anti-theft system and 8GB memory card, as well as 4 different options:

  • AT-300/ AT-300L – built-in infrared receiver (IR)
  • AT-300RF – built-in IR + RF + statistical data collection function
  • AT-300ID – built-in IR + RFID + statistical data collection function
  • AT-300TGS – a built-in tour guide receiver (also allows for guided tours – requires purchase of a transmitter for the guide) + statistical data collection function

The start-up function using infrared (IR), radio (RF) and short-range radio requires the additional purchase of appropriate markers (one marker = playing of one recording).

Operating range of individual markers:

  • IR – from 1 to 10 metres, you can determine the approximate angle of infrared emissions
  • RF – from 5 to 25 metres
  • RFID – up to 10 centimetres

The Okayo AT-300 works with the same set of peripherals and accessories as the AT-200 series.

The basic additional device is the battery charger and the device for uploading recordings and data (2-in-1). For the AT-200 and AT-300 models we offer the following types of chargers and devices:

  • ATC-210 – charger for 10 audioguides
  • ATC-210U – charger for 10 audioguides with transmission function (upload) of content and downloading of data statistics
  • ATC-220 – charger for 20 audioguides
  • ATC-221U – allows you to upload content (recordings) to 21 audioguides simultaneously


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