The Okayo EJ-5 is a new, 16 channel (UHF) system for interpretation and guided tours and is compatible with the EJ-7. This state-of-the-art system is designed to ensure maximum convenience for users, interpreters, tour guides, trainers and lecturers.

The EJ-5 is a really comfortable, lightweight system with all the features necessary for interpreting on a trip for example. The designers and engineers wanted the Okayo EJ-5 to become a work tool that is just as easy to use as a tablet for the interpreter, guide or coach. After testing it we can confidently say that they have achieved this goal.

The Okayo EJ-5 is equipped with a new ambient noise reduction system, and just like the EJ-7 it has a analog transmission encryption system.

The EJ-5 receiver and transmitter are extremely lightweight – weighing only 75 grams.

The device has a built-in lithium battery, which lasts for up to 20 hours of use. The total charge time though does not exceed 4.5 hours. The Okayo EJ-5 can be recharged using a pocket charger connected to the DC-in socket, which can be found on both the transmitters and receivers.

Similar to the EJ-7, the EJ-5 has a back-lit LCD display showing the number of the current channel and the battery level.

Just like the EJ-7, the EJ-5 also includes an additional input jack on the transmitter (meaning you can connect it to an MP3 for example) and an additional output jack on the receiver (meaning you can connect it to a recorder for example).

One of the fundamental differences compared to the EJ-7 is that the EJ-5 transmitters are equipped with a built-in capsule microphone and the receivers have mini speakers. This means the devices can operate without accessories such as a microphone and headphones.

The Okayo EJ-5 transmitter and receiver both have a mute function.

The EJ-5 receivers and transmitters are equipped with a very comfortable and adjustable strap.

Particularly impressive is the unique collective charger, which not only recharges the equipment, but also synchronises the channel setting on all the devices.

HDC-530 – portable charging case for 30 receivers/transmitters, on wheels, channel synchronisation, LCD display, 2 spacious pockets – interior pocket for accessories and external pocket for documents and small accessories. In addition to the wheels, the case has a retractable handle facilitating the transport of equipment – just like a small carry-on bag. The additional handle on the long side means you can carry the case in a horizontal position. As if that were not enough, the manufacturer also supplies the HDC-530 with a shoulder strap so it can be carried like a shoulder bag.

HDC-520 – stationary charger – free-standing or mounted on the wall, equipped with 20 slots for EJ-5 receivers/transmitters. It also has a channel synchronisation function.

Other accessories:

EJ-501TM – Handheld microphone with integrated transmitter – condenser microphone, mute button, powered by AA batteries.

Compatibility with the EJ-7

The EJ-5 and EJ-7 systems are compatible with each other in the frequency range of UHF channels. In other words, in one system, e.g. in a conference room, you can use the same channel for the EJ-5 and EJ-7 receivers, while EJ-7, EJ-5, EJ-770T, EJ-501TM and EJ-701TS transmitters can be used.

All the other accessories from the EJ-5 and EJ-7 systems, with the exception of the battery chargers, are also compatible with each other.

The Okayo EJ-5 is the ideal equipment for interpreters providing whispered and simultaneous interpretation, for agencies and freelancers, museum and gallery tour guides, trainers, coaches and lecturers.

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