This system has been designed for translation, training or lectures in environments with high noise levels as well as traditional group tours.

The universal nature and mobility are the 2 biggest advantages of the Okayo systems. The Okayo EJ-7 is an ideal solution for companies that:

  • have their own conference room in which they need to ensure comfort for interpreters and speakers, as well as convenient listening for participants of international meetings
  • travel to conferences, fairs and other events with their own interpreter or guide – the EJ-7 mobile translation set ensures participants voice contact with the interpreter or guide
  • guide delegations or organise training on production lines, where noise prevents normal communication
  • The Okayo EJ-7 is a basic tool for translation agencies, travel agencies, guides, tour guides, trainers and training companies

The mobile, Okayo EJ-7 basic set can easily be expanded into a complete stationary system for simultaneous interpretation.

Features of the EJ-7 system:

  • runs on UHF band 863-865 MHz
  • 16 channels (frequencies) to choose from, PLL synthesis
  • one-way transmission (transmitter – receiver)
  • option to use 4 channels simultaneously – up to 4 transmitters can be used within a radius of 200 metres (on different channels) without interference
  • LCD display showing the channel number, frequency and battery level
  • simple switching of reception channel on EJ-7R
  • the EJ-7R receiver has an additional AUX output enabling connection with an additional device (e.g. an active speaker)
  • the EJ-7R transmitter has an additional AUX input enabling connection to an additional source (e.g. MP3 or CD player)
  • the devices run on standard rechargeable AA batteries, so it is possible to replace them with normal alkaline batteries
  • the runtime of fully charged batteries is up to 14h, while the runtime of alkaline batteries is up to 17h
  • battery charging time – up to 6h
  • range of 60-120 metres
  • metal, designer housing, resistant to mechanical damage
  • wide range of supplementary devices, including chargers, microphones and headphones

We offer the Okayo EJ-7 in two basic sets with different numbers of receivers/transmitters:

  • 12 devices with HDC-712 charging case – including at least 1 transmitter
  • 36 devices with HDC-736 charging case – including at least 1 transmitter

Please note, however, that in order to use the system for interpretation, a minimum of 2 transmitters are needed (1 for the speaker, 1 for the interpreter).

Of course we also fulfil orders for any number of transmitters and receivers – according to the needs of our customers.

Basic system components:

  • EJ-7T transmitter
  • EJ-7R receiver

Additional devices for the EJ-7:

  • HDC-712 – charging case – a handy case with charger function for 12 EJ-7T/R devices (T-transmitter, R-receiver)
  • HDC-736 – charging case – a handy case with charger function for 36 EJ-7T/R devices
  • HDC-750 – charging drawer for 50 EJ-7T/R devices
  • HDC-750 – desktop charger for two EJ-7T/R devices
  • HDC-702 – desktop charger for one EJ-7T/Ri and one EJ-701TS
  • EJ-701TS – handheld microphone with built-in 16 channel transmitter
  • EJ-770T – stationary transmitter
  • EJ-701DR to 704DR – 1, 2, 3 and 4 channel stationary receivers
  • LM-70A – lapel microphone – a miniature microphone that can be fastened to clothing with a clip
  • HM-20A – over-the-head microphone
  • CM-100A – collar microphone – microphone on a flexible band to be hung around the neck
  • EM-101 – single hygienic earphone with a rubber strap
  • EM-305 – single hygienic earphone with a plastic strap
  • EM-202 – dual stereo headphone with adjustable headband
  • GP-1300 – rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, 1300mAh
  • N-40 / N-30 – strap
  • E-480 – case for headphones


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