Okayo MTS-300 is a multilingual, automatic radio transmission tourguide system, for transmitting pre-recorded audio messages.  In other words, a fully automatic audio guide system. The MTS-300 works with a GPS module, which means that recorded audioguides are automatically started according to GPS settings.

The MTS-300 is the ideal solution for cruise ships, coastal and inland waterway transport, travel coaches, tour buses and minibus tours.

The MTS-300 includes:

  • Audio guide transmission in max. 32 languages, up to 9999 broadcasts per language
  • Can be used on cruise ships or on board a coach
  • 1 system for use on and off board – can be used outside the ship/coach using a mobile portable transmitter
  • Cooperation with GPS and Glonass systems
  • 100-300 meters range
  • antenna amplifier
  • GPS receiver
  • user-friendly software

MTS-300 enables the transmission of pre-recorded voice messages (or audio guides) simultaneously in several languages to many recipients equipped with receivers.

The messages are started automatically when the object (ship, coach) enters the range of pre-defined GPS settings. You can manually start individual messages or broadcast a live message.

The MTS-300 is ideal, for example, during voyages on cruise ships or on board a coach, when there is a need to convey information about tourist attractions passed.

Benefits of the MTS-300 augioguide system:

  • stores the work of many guides and/or translators
  • reduces interference caused by conveying messages from speakers
  • Enhances the offer with tourist information in multiple languages
  • Automates support for large groups of tourists
  • Is an additional source of income


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