Okayo OTG-200 doesn’t just satisfy all top requirements of lecturers, trainers or coaches, it also opens up new possibilities for interacting with the group.

OTG-200 operates in all kinds of situations where two-way communication between users is required, such as training, discussion panel lectures, and group or industrial tours. Participants must simply press a button to answer or ask a question. On top of that, group leaders can benefit from special functions including Roll-Call and Alarm to manage the group easily and quickly. The system is supplemented with proprietary OK-OTG-SW software for PC channel management – irreplaceable in professional conferences, lectures and simultaneous interpreting.

Interactive system

Okayo OTG-200 features a wireless full duplex two-way communication system, which means that both the user of the transmitter and the receiver can talk to the group through a connected or built-in microphone. This enhances comfort, ensures interaction, and thus makes participants in the conference, translation or group tour more engaged. The transmitter user always controls the microphone operation in the receiver and dialogue options. The OTG-200 system has as many as 3 modes for two-way group communication:

  • Guiding – 1 transmitter and a group of receivers
  • Teaching – 2 transmitters and a group of receivers
  • Discussing – group of transmitters and receivers

System configuration and personalization from a computer

Dedicated PC software for the OTG-200 system provides a number of functional options and is very easy to use:

  • It allows access to change the number of radio channels in the system, e.g. in order to use only a specific number. The conference or translation recipients will only be able to enter the channels provided by the organizer.
  • It allows to change the channel name for a specific language group, e.g. channel #01 -> #ENG, channel #02 -> #FR, channel #05 -> #DE.
  • You can use the OK-OTG-SW software settings panel to configure many settings for transmitters and receivers, such as Mode, Mic Gain or Earphone Out. There’s no need for manual configuration for each device separately.
  • All settings are saved as a separate file, which can be easily uploaded to devices using a dedicated collective charger connected to a computer with the synchronization function.

Control over the group

  • OTG-200 gives the guide access to 3 advanced functions to organize an excursion or group trip:
  • Roll-Call – automatic receivers count within the transmitter’s range.
  • Alarm – remote alarm and vibration triggering in receivers.
  • Out-Of-Range Alarm – range loss alarm triggered when the receiver loses transmission from the transmitter.

Many groups side by side

The OTG-200 system from Okayo enables simultaneous work of at least 15 groups in the same area next to each other. Use the OK-OTG-SW PC software to easily select simultaneous channels and download them to the devices. Multilingual meetings have never been easier.

Create wireless kits at any time

Intelligent bulk charger with LCD panel available in various versions allows to create quick and easy sets of wireless transmitters and receivers for any occasion. Just upload the appropriate file to the charger connected to the computer and put a specific number of devices in it. You can create a new set or use the current OTG-200 as a system for simultaneous interpreting, conferences, guided tours or as a listening device.

A system with no limits

DISCUSSING mode allows to organize a lecture, training or discussion panel with an unlimited number of microphones for panel participants and recipients (guests) with headphones. The transmitter has 3 modes of communication via the TALK button: Push-To-Bolt, Push-To-Talk and Push-To-Mute. You can connect a smartphone or other device with a communication application to the transmitter and connect remotely, e.g. with a person abroad. You can connect an additional, independent audio source to the Aux-in socket at any time.

The DST-OTG digital stationary transmitter will be perfect for large conference rooms, as it offers exceptional signal strength, and you can further increase the range by additional antenna accessories. You can connect any desktop microphone to the transmitter thanks to the Combo XLR connector or audio via Aux-in RCA.

The DST-OTG transmitter can be connected analogously or via LAN to the current audio/video infrastructure using the Ethernet connector. The device comes with a DanteTM module from Audinate. DST-OTG is characterized by an easy-to-read OLED display, a Bluetooth module and a dedicated operating mode for simultaneous interpreters. The set also includes a convenient headset for the interpreter.

Designed to meet all needs

The OTG-200 system has been designed taking into account the needs of people with disabilities – a high-contrast OLED display in each device and a headphone jack fitted with the HAC option in the receivers (Hearing-Aid-Compatible). The connected handset is compatible with hearing aid. The transmitter user receives a microphone to which he can connect a neck induction loop or a headphone of any shape. Dedicated buttons enable simple and intuitive operation for everyone.


  • guided tours and organized tourist groups
  • communicating with a group in a noisy environment
  • simultaneous translations
  • conferences and hybrid videoconferences
  • training and lectures
  • audio/video production

Okayo OTG-200 features:

  • 4GFSK digital transmission modulation with Noise-free technology
  • full duplex two-way communication between transmitters and receivers
  • 42 channels in the 823 MHz ~832 MHz and 865 MHz ~863 MHz frequency bands
  • dedicated PC software “OK-OTG-SW” for system management
  • 3 group management modes: Alarm, Roll-Call, Out-of-Range Alarm
  • automatic synchronization and pairing of receivers to the transmitter
  • range in the line of sight above 100 meters
  • Aux-in jack 3.5 mm stereo on the transmitter with Audio Priority option
  • amenities for people with disabilities – OLED display and HAC

Additional accessories available:

  • bulk chargers and transport cases
  • transmitter in bodypack or stationary version
  • headsets for communication in noise

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