The WT-300 is among the lightest tour guide systems in the world weighing only 110 grams together with two AA batteries!

The devices run on AA alkaline or rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteries.

In our offer you can find specially reinforced industrial series of rechargeable batteries that ensure the WT-300 more than 24 hours of runtime, which in practice means 3 to 5 days of tours at 5 to 8 hours per day

Basic features of the WT-300 tour guide system:

  • operating range of 863-865 MHz
  • 40 channels (predefined frequencies)
  • energy saving system (automatic shutdown after 20 min. idle)
  • channel blocking
  • range of 100 metres
  • weight 110 grams

The WT-300 receivers and transmitters have a flat front surface, specially designed to place your company’s logo and contact details. When you buy at least one WT-300 set, we will mark your equipment free of charge!

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Our customers:

  • Volkswagen
  • Secession
  • Steyr
  • Pro Italy
  • Velux
  • Ramboll
  • Arcelor Mital

More customers

Okayo WT-300 [pdf]


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