The Okayo WT-350 is the new simple and reliable model of Tour Guide System, available in Poland since autumn 2015. An ideal solution enabling significant savings, particularly when buying in bulk – especially beneficial for companies requiring over 100 receivers.

The Okayo WT-350 is powered by 1 AA battery which is enough for over 18 hours of runtime making this model a leader in terms of runtime among devices running on 1 AA battery.

Like other models in the Okayo WT series, the WT-350 also automatically switches itself off after 20 minutes with no transmission.

The WT-350 weighs only 70g with the battery. A set of receivers for a whole coachload fits in an easy to carry bag the size of a laptop bag.

The range of this model is 100 metres in practice as shown by our tests.

The WT-350 has 16 channels using wideband audio technology, giving crystal clear transmission quality close to the original sound of the voice.

The Okayo WT-350R has a display showing the channel number and battery level.

Running on AA batteries, the WT-350 is also rechargeable using the HDC-324 charging case which is another difference from the WT-320R which can only run on disposable batteries.

Similar to the mGuide Pellegrino, the WT-350 is an ideal solution for tour operators and rental companies who depend on economic purchases (fast returns on investment) and usage (low battery consumption or frequency of charging), convenience (small size and weight), comfort and ease of use. Due to the ideal transmission quality which sets this tour guide system apart on the market, we believe the WT-350 will enjoy even greater success than the renowned WT-480 model.

Okayo WT-350 [pdf]

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