The WT-600 is a very modern device with a number of extremely useful features for tour guides. The manufacturer has made it possible to use 2 transmitters simultaneously on the same channel which is a first in tour guide systems. A guide can now speak simultaneously on the same channel as a tour leader or an interpreter.

The Okayo WT-600 is the successor to the DGT-2400. Just like its predecessor it uses the 2.4 GHz band, and it is therefore available without the need for permits virtually anywhere in the world. This means that travel agencies are not required to buy separate tour guide systems for tours in Europe, Asia and America, as the digital bandwidth is freely available on all continents.

A further advantage of the Okayo WT-600 system is the high number of channels with over 100 available. This is why we recommend the WT-600 for institutions such as museums, where the estimated number of simultaneous tours using the tour guide system is around 20-45 tours (between 40 and 50 transmitters operating simultaneously).

And finally, the function that tour guides and leaders have been waiting for – it is now possible to have 2 transmitters operating simultaneously on the same channel with the Okayo WT-600! In other words, two tour leaders, or a tour leader and a guide may speak simultaneously to the tour group without worrying about losing the signal or interference.

As it runs on just one AA alkaline battery the WT-600 is very compact and lightweight (70 grams including the battery), which makes it very convenient to transport.

Other basic features of the Okayo WT-600:

  • the receivers automatically switch off when there is no signal from the transmitter for more than 20 minutes
  • automatic synchronisation of the receivers with the transmitter (to the same channel)
  • the transmitter has a built-in microphone and an additional AUX-IN input
  • LCD display with battery level indicator
  • microphone mute function on the transmitter
  • automatic key lock
  • clip for a strap and belt

Okayo WT-600 chargers

The WT-600 can be used either with disposable or rechargeable AA batteries. When buying rechargeable batteries the charger should also be purchased.

For the Okayo WT-600 we have a choice of the following chargers:

  • HDC-525 – charging case for 25 WT-600T/R devices
  • HDC-550 – charging case for 50 devices (weight 13 kg)
  • HDC-502S – battery charger docking station for 2 units

For the WT-600 we sell the AC-358 case for 50 WT-600T/R devices. It is also possible to order a case for 32 devices.

The WT-600 uses the same earphones and microphones as other models of the Okayo tour guide system:

  • earphones: EM-101, EM-202, SJ-1 plus other available earphones with 3.5mm jack
  • microphones: L-90A, HM-20A, HM-50A, CM-100A plus other available microphones with 3.5mm jack


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