The OMG-100 5-in-1 is Okayo’s latest product. Engineers and designers came together to pool almost 20 years of experience working with tourguide and audioguide systems to create a single device which can work in many situations – replacing a few other devices and opening up new possibilities for guides and museums.

By using the OMG, museums and other tourist facilities can save on employing guides, and the work will become easier and more efficient. For example, it will be possible to guide people speaking different languages together in one group.

OMG-100 features and functions:

  • 5 modes
    1. Tourguide mode – leading groups with ‘live’ transmission from the guide
    2. Audioguide mode – the OMG is used as a normal audioguide system (recordings accessed manually or through infrared markers)
    3. Guide mode – content transmission mode – the guide plays recordings to the group from the transmitter’s memory. At any point they can interrupt the recording to add ‘live’ comments.
    4. Multi-guide mode – to trigger playback of content from the group’s receivers where each person listens to recordings in their chosen language.
    5. Tourguide conference mode – 2 guides speak simultaneously to 1 group.
  • Smooth transition between modes
  • Inbuilt microspeaker with HAC system (hearing aid compatible) – people using hearing aids can use OMG without induction loops.
  • Keypad suitable for blind people.
  • 8-32GB memory (standard 8GB)
  • Up to 9999 recordings in each of the 32 content folders.
  • 1.3” display
  • 12 hours runtime
  • Anti-theft system
  • Works with IR markers – automatic triggering of recordings.
  • Inbuilt microphone and PTT button (OMG-100T)

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  • Velux
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  • Arcelor Mital

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