The OMG-101 is the new version of the basic audioguide, previously the AT-100.

In addition to the standard playing of recordings by selecting a number on the keypad, there is also an option for automatic remote activation via an infrared signal.

Furthermore, unlike the AT-100, the OMG-101 has an LCD screen showing the numbers of the recordings among other things.

OMG-100 features and functions:

  • Inbuilt micro speaker with HAC system (Hearing Aid Compatible) – no need for an induction loop to use the OMG
  • Keypad suitable for the visually impaired
  • 8-32GB memory (8GB standard)
  • 32 content folders each holding up to 9999 recordings
  • 1.3” display
  • 12h run time
  • Anti-theft system
  • Compatibility with IR markers (optional) – automatic remote triggering of recordings.

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