If you are reading this text probably you know what audio description is and you are looking for the appropriate equipment solutions. For those of you who are not sure, in the beginning in just three sentences we’ll try to explain this concept, and then propose the best equipment model to assist with audio description.

Audio description is a form of communication arts, as well as sports or nature entertainment, in a manner that the blind may receive.

Audio description covers in its range professional descriptions of films, plays and other stage performances, sports entertainment such as football games, as well as descriptions of art works or landscapes.

The creation of audio description content is made by specialists cooperating with an increasing number of organizations supporting the idea of audio description.

Our company provides technical solutions so that both the transmission and reception of audio description becomes simple and comfortable, as well as inoffensive for the environment (e.g. other viewers of a film or performance).

Thanks to the use of radio transmission we can offer you mobile audio description systems that operate outdoors – in the descriptions in museums, galleries, exhibitions or on a trip to the woods as well as stationary systems for cinemas, theaters, stadiums or museums.

The audio description solutions we supply are proven by customers in Poland and abroad, and represent the highest world quality radio transmission of live or pre-recorded audio description.

Our audio description system is used by our customers – the producer of the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia and the Creative Word Workshop providing audio description services.

Our systems have long guarantee periods and despite their high quality can be purchased even by those with modest budgets. We also offer the long-term, audio description equipment rental.

Model recommended for audio description: Okayo EJ-5

Components of the typical set include: a transmitter and microphone for the speaker (always), covered earphones for the speaker, transmitter for the source and a mixer, directional microphone (depending on the needs and equipment).

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