Don’t know which system to pick? Don’t worry – we will help you.

We have been dealing with tour guide systems for many years. You can count on our help and consulting. Simply tell us about your expectations – we will pick a system for you and prepare an individual offer that will meet your needs.

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We particularly recommend:

  • Okayo WT-350 – the most frequently bought model in 2017
  • Okayo WT-300 G2 – the second generation of the popular classic
  • Linkx TG-288 – a model with USB charging function
  • mGuide Pellegrino – economical tour guide model
  • mGuide Pellegrino 2 – currently the most popular, first digital model widely used in tourism
  • mGuide DRL-01 – digital tour guide system in worldwide, non-licensed frequency, a system for agencies offering trips to Asia, Africa or America

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