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Do you know this feeling when your group keeps asking you to repeat what you’ve said? Do you always have to wait until the whole group gathers in one place so you can tell them about a certain tourist attraction? Or maybe sometimes you’re simply out of breath after a daylong tour and again familiar hoarseness rears its ugly head?

These and other problems solve our solution – tour guide system.

Tour guide systems are small, mobile devices for wireless communication. Apart from big corporations or travel agencies, they are increasingly popular among individual tour guides. Don’t believe us? Check out the clients that have trusted us and already use our tour guide systems.

You don’t need to worry about not being heard in the places requiring silence. With tour guide systems you can easily tour the biggest sacral buildings. You don’t need to wait for the whole group to gather around you either. From now on all tour members can walk at their own pace hearing your voice perfectly.

Don’t know which system to pick? Don’t worry – we will help you.
We have been dealing with tour guide systems for many years. You can count on our help and consulting. Simply tell us about your expectations – we will pick a system for you and prepare an individual offer that will meet your needs.

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We particularly recommend:
Okayo WT-350 – the most frequently bought model in 2017
Okayo WT-300 – a popular touristic model
Linkx TG-288 – a model with USB charging function
mGuide Pellegrino – economical tour guide model
mGuide DRL-01 – digital tour guide system in worldwide, non-licensed frequency, a system for agencies offering trips to Asia, Africa or America

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