We offer interpretation systems with 2 possible configurations as:

  • Mobile interpretation systems – radio systems (as opposed to systems based on the infrared transmission) have the advantage that may be used as mobile equipment – i.e., not only in a conference room, but also at fairs, in delegations or interpretation during excursions. This is because the receivers and transmitters powered by rechargeable batteries do not need any additional equipment to carry out the interpretation, even for more than one foreign language. In addition, all the radio receivers and transmitters can be packed into a handy case that also serves as a charger. This type of solution is very often purchased by translation offices as an additional system for handling these events, where it is impossible or uneconomic to implement a stationary interpretation system from a booth.
  • Stationary interpretation systems – we recommend this solution anywhere, where the system will be used not only as a mobile system, but also during large stationary conferences. In addition to the basic components, i.e. receivers and transmitters, there are also stationary receivers and transmitters for interpreters powered by the electrical network. These devices may be mounted in a rack system and are usually operated by the technician responsible for the sound system. Additional standard equipment for stationary systems are pulpit microphones for interpreters (a so-called gooseneck microphone with a mute switch) and comfortable, covered earphones for the interpreter. This solution is often selected by conference organizers, universities, translation offices and corporations. Supplementing the stationary system is an interpretation booth, which you can also find in our offer.

We offer simultaneous interpretation equipment by the companies:

  • Okayo – high quality Okayo interpretation systems based on Okayo CON-9 or Okayo EJ-7Okayo EJ-5 receivers. Recommend for small, medium-sized and large conference rooms.
  • Okayo and mGuide tourist systems – as a cheaper option, are perfect for handling mobile translations (e.g. at fairs, when visiting a production plant) or during small and medium-sized international meetings.

It should be noted that the above mentioned radio systems have the following features that distinguish them from infra-red systems:

  • Mobility – the receivers may operate both indoors and outdoors,
  • Less sensitivity to obstacles (e.g. walls, columns) – the signal reaches the listener even when a person leaves the room or does not remain in visible contact with the transmitter,
  • The system may operate in the absence of external power or a sound system failure, because the basic components necessary for its operation, i.e. the receivers and transmitters, are powered by rechargeable batteries.
  • In addition, digital radio transmission systems assure – just like IR systems – discreet communication.

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