Audio-guide systems for museums 

If you represent a museum, a gallery or another institution that makes its collections available to visitors – on this page you’ll find practical information and advice that will help you design modern sightseeing and tour guide systems.

We offer a series of complex solutions adapted to the individual needs of the customer. Cooperation with selected partners enables us to help you choose the right system and produce content taking into account your budget. Included in the set are all the necessary accessories such as headphones, lanyards and charging stations. Of course, we will also support you with the technical setup and on-site training, so that your devices are immediately ready for use by visitors.

Before buying you should give some thought to the type of tours that will be the most optimal for your facility. Will it be group tours (guided tours) or individual tours (alone, without a guide)?

Guided group tours

The group tour guide system is a wireless, portable one-way audio solution that will allow you to listen to the tour leader easily, clearly and even from a distance. The guide uses a transmitter with a microphone and transmits the message to visitors who receive it via handy and lightweight receivers with headphones, creating an interactive, inclusive, but also private and learning-friendly environment.

More and more establishments allow group tours using the tour guide system. There are a number of reasons:

  • the need to keep order and silence in the building
  • greater control over the group of visitors
  • keeping a distance between tourist group members

Museum institutions and galleries frequently decide to purchase tour guide systems because, when borrowed for a fee, they bring regular income and pay for themselves very fast.

Depending on the number of tours at the facility, we recommend the following tour guide systems:

  • mGuide Pellegrino – high-quality analog tour guide system that allows up to four groups simultaneously in the same area. An unmatched price performance ratio. 
  • Okayo WT-300-G2 – the next generation leader in the wireless travel systems market. It allows twelve independent groups of recipients next to each other in the same place (within a radius of up to 100m) and time.
  • mGuide Pellegrino 2 – a modern, digital guide system, distinguished by a very long battery life. In the premium version, the user gets 110 channels.

As the exclusive distributor of brands such as Okayo or mGuide, we offer tour guide systems for tours and groups at the best executable prices in Europe. We also provide short and long-term rental services, tour guide subscription for 12 months, as well as assistance with leasing formalities.

Individual tours

Probably not all guests at your facility take part in guided groups. Typically, a large group is also made up of individual visitors such as individuals, families or couples. Since it’s usually not profitable to hire a guide for individual guests, it is worthwhile to include a tour with an automatic audioguide.

The audioguide (in the form of a player or an application) is a perfect option for individual tourists. Thanks to this solution, they will not feel that they are missing out on something. The audio guide, similarly to the tour guide system, arranges and organizes tourist traffic at the museum and allows for social distance between the guests.

The selection of an audioguide solution should depend on the form of delivering the program to visitors:

  • Manual program selection – the visitor triggers the recording in the handset by entering the code on the keyboard corresponding to a specific exhibition. The flagship representative of this series of audio players is the Okayo AT-100.
  • Automatic broadcasting – special markers are placed on the visitor’s route. Small and easy to hide devices. After coming into contact with the audioguide (Okayo AT-200), they automatically trigger a recording on the visitor’s handset.
  • 2-in-1 system – thanks to modern solutions, you no longer need to choose between a guided group tour and an audioguide system. Okayo OmniGuide 5in1 combines the best features of tourguide and audioguide systems.
  • Android/iOS application – Mobile audioguide applications are much more convenient than traditional printed guides and could be an alternative to traditional audio players. Instead of borrowing a portable audio device from the museum and listening to a limited number of recordings, tourists can have a dynamically updated application on their phone, which they can use at any time that suits them.

Solutions for people with disabilities 

When designing new sightseeing systems, one cannot omit the special needs of various social groups. Our offer features devices that meet the needs of all users, including people with visual impairments, people using hearing aids, children and the elderly, and people with disabilities.

For this reason, our devices are set apart by:

  • the possibility of using induction loops
  • Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)
  • keyboard adapted for blind and visually impaired persons
  • large and easy to read displays with high contrasts
  • wide range of sound volume control
  • automatic channel/recording selection without involving the visitor

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