If you encounter obstacles in the form of noise when you conduct trainings or showing guests your plant’s production line, this means that you need a radio communication system, such as a tour guide system or a full duplex type of system.

Noise will no longer be an obstacle!

Having many years of experience in consulting and sales of radio communication systems, enriched with cooperation of our clients in various industries as well as fruitful cooperation with the various equipment suppliers, we will make sure that production noise will never again pose any problems in conducting training or showing guests your company.

2 ways to circumvent noise

Depending on the needs and range of communication, noise level as well as budget, we offer 2 types of communication solutions:

  • Tour guide systems – by using a tour guide type system conducting training or showing a delegation around loud machinery is no problem. Without raising your voice, without the need to repeat yourself – our recipients always hear your communication regardless of the conditions in the surroundings. For such uses we recommend a set based on the Okayo EJ-5 model or for noise exceeding 80dB – the model Okayo EJ-7. In order to isolate listeners from the surrounding noise, earphones with hearing protectors by the Peltor 3M company can be used.
  • 2-way tour guide systems (full-duplex) – absolute communication – maybe this is a brief description, but it most fully describes the benefits customers receive who have invested in wireless systems based on miniature radio technology in full duplex. This technology provides the possibility of 2-way communication (the transmitter and receiver are one device), with the possibility of talking at the same time and the participation of many participants in the discussion (conference). One of the best solutions of this type in the world is Seyoung’s WiWi that we offer. Full-duplex systems require a higher budget for the same number of communication participants in relation to tour guide systems.

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