We can divide tour guide systems into one-way and two-way systems. One-way systems are perfect for tours requiring only one-way, tour guide-tourists announcements. But what if we need a system allowing for unlimited communication? Two-way systems make that possible.

Two-way tour guide system is a system operating in a full-duplex mode allowing for simultaneous transmitting and receiving audio communications. In other words, speakers using a full-duplex system can talk freely – which means listening and talking at the same time.
All participants are always in reception mode, which means that even without active participation in the conversation everyone can hear it properly.

Application of two-way tour guide systems:

  • industry – production line with an elevated noise level
  • conferences, trainings, and panel discussions
  • communication of event managers, caterers
  • gastronomy – kitchen-chef and servers-dining room communications
  • sport – coach-students communication (shooting ranges, courts, skiing, volleyball, soccer, cycling, horseback riding)
  • communication of emergency services
  • home – baby monitor
  • stores – communication of salesmen and a manager on the sales space
  • property security – for patrols communication

We particularly recommend:

  • Axiwi – miniature system allowing for simultaneous, unlimited conversation of 6 people
  • Okayo OTG-200 – two transmitters on one channel, full duplex from any receiver
  • TG-101 – intuitive interface
  • TG-201 – battery charging via popular micro USB port
  • TG-288D – elegant and modern look

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