Protecting the environment at every step

23 października 2018
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23 października 2018 Magdalena

Protecting the environment at every step

The growing amount of waste poses an increasing threat to the environment. Different types of waste end up in the environment which can to a large extent be blamed on unaware consumers as they are the ones who have a huge impact on whether the waste they produce will be segregated and processed.

We see and hear about the need to minimise waste, re-use it or store it correctly. Schools have educational programmes about protecting the environment, information notices hang in the stairwells in our blocks and we watch debates and programmes about it on television. However, there are many decisive factors that go beyond consumer behaviour when it comes to the state of the environment, such as legal issues regulating waste management or producers themselves who unfortunately are often not interested in the later life of their products, e.g. plastic bottles or straws for drinks.

This shows how important a role producers and traders play in the process of production, management and later disposal of waste.

Electrical waste such as used electronic or electrical equipment, and also batteries, causes huge problems for the environment. This type of waste must be properly disposed of and secured because after it goes, for example, into the ground or water it releases many harmful substances.

As our company sells tourguide and audioguide systems and accessories, including chargers and batteries, we joined the Nature Friendly Company programme in order to care for the environment and were awarded an AURAEKO certificate for eco-responsible companies.  This allows us to dispose of the waste that our company produces in a safe way that doesn’t endanger the environment.

When buying products from our company you can be sure that the systems we sell are not only produced in accordance with international standards and using safe materials (which we wrote about in a previous article on our blog) but we also ensure appropriate safety and disposal of electrical and other waste.

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