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The current world situation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has ordered all sectors of the economy to maintain particular caution and introduce numerous regulations, including keeping an appropriate social distance.


Due to the frequent company of noisy machines, it has been a long time that tourguide and audioguide systems have been used in the industry. Tour guide systems are also suitable for an environment with elevated noise level and facilitate communication between employees or factory or production line visitors. It is now very important to keep a min. 1.5 m distance between employees – and thus the distance between the first and last person in the group can be considerable.

Our systems can easily handle this task!

Thanks to tourguide systems, employees can keep a safe distance, e.g. at intervals at the production line, and communicate easily in noise. Both one-way and two-way communication is possible.


Employee training, conference or business meeting in the age of a pandemic? It’s hard to move around students or business partners and conduct negotiations, talks or presentations at a satisfactory level, without constant requests to repeat the last sentence.

Tourguide systems maintain excellent transmission quality even at distances of over 100 meters in line of sight, therefore they can easily cope where it is necessary to maintain distance with the required superior level of communication. They allow not only to conduct talks and presentations, but also enable two-way communication, including asking questions, free discussion or debate.


Guided tours, visits to popular points and tourist sites often involves a large number of people gathered in a small area. Famous tourist spots are often associated with a large crowd. Now, when tourism has adopted a different, new dimension, tour guide and audioguide systems will be a great option. The guide needn’t  gather a closely standing group of tourists, as it can disperse up to 100 meters (the required 2 meters distance between people is a piece of cake for tour guide systems!) with the guide still being perfectly audible.

Tour guide systems can be equipped with disposable earphones, packed in sealed pouches, which ensure hygiene and safety. In the case of reusable headphones, you can use disposable hygienic pads made of fleece.

Each visitor can receive a disposable wipe to disinfect the receiver or reusable handset – which will further enhance the sense of hygiene.

To maintain even higher hygiene standards, we offer disposable wipes (packed in individual sachets) for disinfecting equipment, which can be distributed to tourists.

After the tour, the tourguide equipment can be disinfected with the use of specialized disinfectants for tourguide systems, audioguide and headphones.

A good guide is a responsible guide!

Health care

Healthcare professionals are at considerable risk to coronavirus infection. All social interaction should be kept to a minimum, but unfortunately this is not always possible.

Contact between medical staff and doctors can be improved with the help of tour guide systems. The devices are handy, lightweight and in no way interfere with daily work. Physicians may transfer instructions to nurses in the neighboring room. In this case, tour guide systems ensure not only a reliable means of remote communication, but also improve the work of health care.

Logistics and distribution

The principle of social distancing can be particularly complex in logistic and distribution settings, where proper communication is key to maintain adequate work flow.

Using two-way communication by means of the tourguide system enables easy contact of people working in e.g. large warehouses, who can guide each other in order to find parcels, check a given quantity of goods, and finally manage the shipment or receipt of goods.

Thanks to smooth communication over long distances offered by tour guide systems, keeping social distance and safety are completely hassle-free.

Small devices hidden in a pocket do not interfere with work, and comfortable headphones do not press the head after many hours of use.

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