15 stycznia 2021 Magdalena

Wireless Intercom system: what is it and where will it work best?

Wireless communication is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. We no longer want to be limited by phone cables, phone booths or other communication systems that do not allow free movement.

We are now prioritizing mobility, high sound quality and intuitive operation of devices to benefit even the elderly.

The wireless intercom system combines all of the above features. Intercoms are growing in popularity due to their capabilities and application, especially with the current epidemic restrictions.

Intercom is an effective and easy-to-use device that facilitates communication and work. The mGuide WIN-1 system consists of two types of intercoms – master and submaster. The master station connects to the submasters (maximum 5 devices per group). The devices can be conveniently placed on a desk or table, or hung on the wall.

After the instant connection of all available Intercoms, users can contact each other by pressing one button, both with everyone and with individual people operating the devices. This is also an excellent solution for people who are unable to dial or hold the handset, which is essential when using the more popular landline or mobile phones.

Wireless intercom systems facilitate quick contact with people who are in different rooms.

They are also suitable for talking through insulating walls, screens or plexiglass walls, which are already used in almost every customer service location, such as banks, offices, stations or post offices. The devices also work well in places where contact with a large number of people is inevitable, and thus, appropriate solutions should be implemented, allowing not only to maintain efficiency, smoothness and comfort of work, but also to ensure the health and safety of employees, customers and guests.

The mGuide WIN-1 intercom system can also be used in places where we want to have constant contact with another person in order to, for example, monitor their needs or health. The “monitor” function allows you to connect with the other user even when that user cannot answer the call because his hands are occupied or for health reasons. The solution is particularly suited, first of all, to nursing homes and centers for elderly people in the relationship nurse, service – patient, resident.

The experience of our clients shows that wireless Intercom systems are used in medical facilities, workshops, offices, educational institutions as well as at home, making communication safe, fast and easy.

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